Involving young people in LMICs

10 May, 2019

Dear Neil and others,

I have been going through all the posts on the HIFA page since I joined, very closely. I must say that they are extremely informative and thought-provoking, providing insight into a wide array of problems being faced by the LMICs.

However, an observation I've made over the course of my short membership with HIFA, and I don't know if you'll agree with me, is a lack of involvement from young people, however, I do not mean to point this out negatively.

Most of the posts are by extremely established and esteemed researchers, family medicine practitioners or various other stakeholder experts in the field of healthcare and related aspects. Although I am extremely elated to be part of such a well-connected network of distinguished persons, learning and hearing from them, first hand, I believe there needs to be more involvement from the young population, specifically falling under the age category of 16-25.

I believe the involvement of more young people could make a significant difference by adding a newer and fresher perspective to healthcare challenges being faced worldwide, especially with regards to mental health as it is a serious challenge being faced by young people these days.

In reference to one of your previous posts regarding a paper which emphasised on the need for scientific research to be translated into actual policy for large-scale implementation, I couldn't agree with the fact more and also point out that there is a large gap in such policies especially when it comes to outlining the role of young people in tackling healthcare challenges globally.

The WHO has taken significant steps towards the same and held successful ventures, however, there still remains an underrepresentation.

Being a young individual, working in healthcare and from an LMIC too, I feel passionately about this issue. Hence I am writing to all of you to help/guide me towards developing on further aspects for involvement of young people, apart from just social media sharing, as often times, the message of the essential need to be involved in a platform such as HIFA, gets missed out- especially for youngsters that are not closely related to the field of healthcare.

I strongly believe that there is a need for other young people to also imbibe the information from HIFA pages, as exactly I am doing, and I would like to hear your thoughts on the same too.



HIFA Profile: Stuti Chakraborty is an undergraduate student from Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Areas of interest: 1) Disability prevention and awareness; 2) Community based rehabilitation; 3) Research on NCDs; 4) Neurosciences (Brain Injury and CVA) ; 5) Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Women with disabilities; 6) Gender inequality and disability.

Email: stutibb AT