Involving young people in LMICs (2)

10 May, 2019

Hello HIFA colleagues,

I strongly agree with Ms. Stuti.

Young people amount to almost half of the world population and leaving them out literally translates to leaving out half of the world's views and ideas.

It's critical to understand that, in the healthcare context, young people are not only 'beneficiaries/users' of healthcare interventions and decisions but also play the role 'service providers'. And more often than not, are not adequately represented, or more correctly, 'meaningfully engaged'.

I work with multiple (big and small) youth networks and as a young medical student and social worker myself, I face this issue on multiple occasions, locally and globally; in spite of key organisations like WHO recognising and working on youth engagement.

Our role needs to be recognised and extended beyond social media, in all spheres of life- in decision making, implementation of policies, evaluation and monitoring/social accountability, and further.

I'm certain that many of you are probably already engaging young people meaningfully (kudos!) and we would love to hear more about it. I'm sure it'll help more organisations learn from such best practices.

If you want to better understand issues surrounding youth engagement from a young health worker's perspective, you are welcome to ask questions!

Out of personal experience, HIFA has been a very youth friendly platform, which I'm sure more young people could benefit from. If you work with/around young people, please feel free to contact Neil to do a presentation for them about HIFA and help more youth engage in our informative discussions. Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

Poorvaprabha Patil

HIFA Profile: Poorvaprabha Patil from India is an undergraduate medical student at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. She has a huge passion for the field of medicine and public health. Poorvaprabha loves to travel and explore and she works with healthcare related NGO and INGOs.

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