KM4Dev: Following evidence from production to use at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (2)

9 August, 2019

Hi Neil - continued congratulations on the good work you are doing with HIFA --

I agree with your comment and it is important to have the data /analysis answer the relevant questions - e.g. what are the health goals of the work and are we (RC and relevant local partner) reaching those goals?

Also - what have been the strategies/policies/actions that have been most effective (and sustainable) in progress towards those goals?... I think these measurements can be achieved by an internal or external process if it is transparent.

best regards


Dr Donald Sutherland BA, MD, M.Community Health, MSc Epidemiology

Senior Advisor on Public Health

Canadian Society for International Health

HIFA profile: Don Sutherland is a consultant in Global Public Health and is based in Canada. Professional interests: health in the face of poverty, infectious diseases including HIV, Drug resistance, primary health care, balance between government and academia, ethical and relevant Public Health research. donaldsutherland2015 AT