Lancet Commission: The legal determinants of health (2) Empowerment of individuals with the healthcare information they need (2)

10 May, 2019

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A Blueprint for Changemakers


For far too long, discriminatory laws and policies have prevented people from living healthy lives.

Everyone deserves good jobs and schools, healthy food, safe neighborhoods, quality health care, and affordable housing. But some folks are excluded from accessing these basic needs because of unfair policies that create barriers to health in underserved communities. Changing existing laws and policies is the most effective method for undoing the harms of discriminatory policies and advancing health equity across America.

ChangeLab Solutions is proud to announce A Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health Equity Through Law & Policy. This new resource presents legal strategies and best practices to help policymakers, practitioners, and communities improve health outcomes.

The Blueprint outlines ways to leverage the unique power and efficacy of local policy solutions, incorporate health in all policies, and engage diverse community members in the policy process. At its core, the Blueprint focuses on comprehensive strategies to address the fundamental drivers of health inequities.

ChangeLab Solutions developed A Blueprint for Changemakers in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a national committee of advisors.


This new publication is in some ways complementary to The Lancet Commission, but again (I may have missed it, as I do not have time to read it in full) it appears to say little if anything about empowerment of individuals to be effective actors in their own health, including to ensure they have the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible.

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