Lancet Commission: The legal determinants of health (3) Improving health policymaking

12 May, 2019

This is great news.

I am actually looking forward to working on Health Policy research in Cameroon as part of my doctorate program.

Please how can one connect with this great resource? [*see note below]

I am also hoping that I could get mentorship in this area to highlight the challenges and propose measures on improving health policy dialogue in my country. If anyone can help coach me, I am open and very glad to work.

Cheers Neil and the team

Emmanuel Tangumonkem

HIFA profile: Chp Emmanuel Nembundah Tangumonkem is a Community Health, Youth and Development Adviser, and Executive President at Academic and Career Development Initiative Cameroon (ACADI) in Cameroon. Professional interests: My interest is in the promotion of access to healthcare for communities; how health policy takes into account the aspect of social inclusion for all people. I am looking for mentorship in the area of grassroots community health research and health policy advocacy. I have started a research unit in my organisation and am hoping to connect with other senior researchers especially in the area of dissemination of information. Email address: pastoengold AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Hello Emmanuel, the Lancet Commission is freely available here: You may also be interested in the work of HIFA's project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice, especially the outputs of our thematic discussion on Evidence-Informed Country-Level Policymaking ]