Lancet Digital Health: Is the future of medical diagnosis incomputer algorithms? (6)

7 May, 2019

Dear All HIFA members,

Observations by Dr. Al Shorbaji are similar to most low income countries. American AI is totaly uncomparible to most countries in Africa etc. We are still glappling with basic needs, diseases, techonogical advances, etc. For example we have been pushing for telehealth and telemedicine, e-mobile health etc. We have attended conferences, workshops worldwide, nothing much has been achieved so far. However it will take a lot of time and money and by the time we embrace the current American AI level, it would have been obsolete.

HIFA Profile: Kenneth L Chanda is Associate Consultant and Lecturer at National Institute of Public Administration where he is lecturing in Records Management. He is co-author of The development of telehealth as a strategy to improve health care services in Zambia. Kenneth L. Chanda & Jean G. Shaw. Health Information & Libraries Journal. Volume 27, Issue 2, pages 133139, June 2010. He recently retired as Assistant Medical Librarian at the University of Zambia. Masters degree in Development for Commication, patient advocate.

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