The Lancet Digital Health: A new voice for promoting digital technologies in health practice worldwide

7 March, 2019

I am forwarding below an announcement from the editors of a new journal, The Lancet Digital Health


It is our great pleasure to present The Lancet Digital Health, a gold Open Access journal in the Lancet family, committed to publishing high-quality original research, comment, and correspondence contributing to promoting digital technologies in health practice worldwide.

The Lancet Digital Health will publish important, innovative, and practice-changing research on any topic connected with digital technology in clinical medicine, public health, and global health. We will serve the digital, clinical, and wider health communities by promoting high-quality science and supporting the ethical use of technologies and data in practice. The Lancet Digital Health’s content will cross subject boundaries, building bridges between health professionals and researchers.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies


Virtual healthcare

Computational medicine

Biomedical analytics

Healthcare systems engineering

Data management, storage, and security in healthcare

Clinical engineering

Digital clinical trials

Wearable technology


Precision medicine

High-definition medicine

Regenerative medicine

Clinical genomics

Disease diagnostics, prognostics, prediction and classification

Biomedical sensors


Biosignal processing

Medical robotics

In keeping with our other journals, The Lancet Digital Health will offer rapid publication of research online within 8-12 weeks from submission.

If you have any questions relating to submission or enquiries about The Lancet Digital Health, please email

Yours sincerely,

Rupa Sarkar


Christina Wayman

Senior Editor

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Editor-in-Chief, Rupa Sarkar, and Senior Editor, Christina Wayman, discuss the aims and scope of the new journal.


[Forwarded by Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA moderator]