The Lancet: Investing in surgery: a value proposition for African leaders (2)

9 July, 2020

We read and discussed in our centre this LANCET article that Neil shared and wondered whats new?.

Will African Leaders and policy makers read it and begin to prioritise Health Care of their people? After all how many African countries have met the call that African Heads of State made in 2000 in Abuja (AU, Abuja declaration) to spend at least 15% of their annual budgets on health. That was the decade of MDG. It did not happen little wonder Africa scored so poorly on the MDG Scorecards.

Now we are in the decade of SDGs (and UHC) will the LANCET article make a difference when they are reminded that, 'In sub-Saharan Africa, maternal mortality after caesarean delivery is estimated to be as high as 543 per 100 000 operations - 50 times higher than in high-income countries. Other conditions that require surgical care and severely affect human capital in sub-Saharan Africa are road traffic injuries. In 2016, the rate of these injuries in the WHO African region, at 26·6 road traffic deaths per 100 000 population, was the highest in the world - up from 26·1 per 100 000 population in 2013...''

We can't but hope and pray that it makes a difference.

Joseph Ana


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