The Lancet: It's time to convene nations to end this pandemic

9 July, 2020

Below are the citation and extracts of Lancet editor Richard Horton's Offline in this week's print issue of The Lancet.

CITATION: Comment| Volume 396, Issu 10243, P14, July 04, 2020

Offline: It's time to convene nations to end this pandemic

Richard Horton

Published: July 04, 2020 DOI:

'A historic and calamitous milestone was reached this week. WHO reported more than 10 million cases of COVID-19 and over 500 000 COVID-19 deaths. The world's political leaders have been tested and they have been found wanting. It's hard to recall a more lamentable response to a global emergency... A meeting under the auspices of the UN is the only means available to construct a global response to this pandemic. It's hard to understand why such a global gathering has not yet taken place. It must take place. And soon...

'The right to health, health equity, and social justice form a trinity of values that animates the daily practice of global health... Global health has entered a period of rapid reversal. De-development is the new norm. Yet no plan is in place, or even being proposed, to address this global regression in human health.'


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