The Lancet - Offline: Facts are not enough

21 February, 2020

Below is the opening to the latest Offline column by Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet. As ever, thought-provoking.

CITATION: Comment| volume 395, issue 10224, p546, february 22, 2020

Offline: Facts are not enough

'We are in the midst of a struggle. A struggle for the soul of global health. On one side, the intelligent idealists. Those who sincerely believe that by describing the world in ever more refined and precise ways we will advance closer to an elusive truth. A truth that will unlock the extraordinary potential that is global health. The Global Burden of Disease is the divine apotheosis of intelligent idealists. And universal health coverage their Garden of Eden. On the other side of this struggle, the innocent cynics. Those who anticipate the worst, cast scorn on the idealism of their rivals, and are contemptuous of the complacency of much of global health today... It's unclear who will win this struggle. But, make no mistake, it is a struggle whose resolution — and reconciliation — will define the trajectory for the survival of our species.'

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