Lancet Planetary Health: Effect of a behaviour change intervention on the quality of peri-urban sanitation in Lusaka, Zambia (2)

26 April, 2019

Dear Neil and all,

Did you ever read the thesis Mirco Keller wrote in 2012 about a survey in Saint Francis' Hospital, Katete. A thesis of 139 pages with a lot of numbers and 10 short term recommendations lying in a drawer since then.

Kind regards, Arlet C. Splint, secretary Dutch Foundation MSG

HIFA-Zambia profile: Arlet Splint is Secretary of Platform Zambia, a group of Dutch Foundations, all working for Zambian citizens, spread all over the country. All board members are board member of their "own" foundation but saw it is possible to help each other (sharing knowledge, sharing space in a container etc) if we join via internet and Zambia-days. The last day the Zambian ambassador for the Benelux came from Brussels. There are Foundations working for a school, for an orphanage, for a hospital etc. We show stories and sometimes even a vacancy on our website:

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Many thanks Arlet, I found the thesis here:

I have passed it on to the author of the current study: ]