The Lancet: Public health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

1 October, 2019

A new Comment in The Lancet from WHO's Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed Al-Mandhari. With thanks to our colleagues on Public Health in the Arab World forum. Citation and extracts below.

CITATION: Public health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: profound challenges, huge opportunities

Ahmed Al-Mandhari

Published:September 21, 2019

When I became WHO's Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean in May, 2018, I felt honoured but slightly anxious. The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean serves 21 member states and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) with a population of more than 600 million...

That desire for solidarity and action underpins WHO's Vision 2023, a new vision for the region that calls for “Health for All by All”. Health for All is a long-standing goal of universal health coverage (UHC), but we believe that it can be achieved only by fully engaging with the whole community, including families, individuals, policy makers, professionals, and partners...

My personal commitment is to support the development of effective health systems and strategic decision making for public health throughout the region. As part of Vision 2023,1 my priorities for the region include expanding health coverage so that every person has access to essential quality health services; ensuring that our countries are protected from emergencies and better prepared for them; and helping our people to lead better lives by promoting healthier lifestyles, communities, and environments...


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