Launch of Antimicrobial Stewardship Prescribing App (2)

20 November, 2019

This is very exciting, Victoria. I know overuse of antibiotics is quite pervasive in Egypt, where I live, and many other countries across the globe. I am wondering: has there been any effort to get country governments to train pharmacists on the app, or offer the app in multiple languages? Or are there plans for such dissemination efforts in the future?

HIFA profile: Amelia Abdelrazik is the Portfolio & Impact Manager at Preston-Werner Ventures, a San Francisco-based foundation looking to create scalable impact at the intersection of climate change and social justice. Amelia specializes in sexual reproductive health and rights, focusing on family planning information & access. She is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Family Planning and the HIFA wg on Community Health Workers.

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