Learning from Zika- Event (June 11, 2019)

8 May, 2019

Dear colleagues,

On Tuesday, June 11, 2019 (8:45 AM-12:30 PM), USAID and K4Health are hosting an event to discuss how we can apply knowledge gained from the Zika crisis to future outbreak responses. Please see details in the invitation below, and to register follow the link- https://web.cvent.com/event/37046a15-1f07-400e-b891-7cc70966426a/summary.



Sophie Weiner

Communications Specialist, Knowledge for Health (K4Health)

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

ccp.jhu.edu; www.k4health.org

Lessons for future public health emergencies

Please join us (https://zikacommunicationnetwork.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4c824...) for an upcoming event, “Learning from Zika: Lessons for future public health emergencies.”

The Zika outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean was sudden, unexpected, and left a lasting public health impact that continues to affect communities. In April, country representatives from 18 partner organizations across 14 countries met to critically reflect on the most effective approaches from the USAID-funded Zika outbreak response from 2016-2019.

The “Learning from Zika” event will build on these conversations and share broadly applicable effective approaches identified across a variety of topics, including recommendations and discussions for the applicability of these practices to future outbreak responses.

This event is intended for senior professionals responsible for designing and implementing an outbreak response.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

8:45 AM- 12:30 PM

Discussions will focus on effective approaches in relation to community engagement strategies, effective coordination during an emergency response, impacts on services and health systems, support to affected families, and learning/adapting during a rapid response. Disease outbreaks are a worldwide concern and will continue to be a critical consideration in the future of public health. The USAID-funded Zika outbreak response offers a unique opportunity to explore experiences and knowledge gained.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

- Tara Sullivan, MPH, PhD, Director, K4Health

- Christina Chappell, Deputy Director, Office of Infectious Disease, Global Health Bureau, USAID

Panel: What You Should Know from the Zika Response

- Moderator: Anne Ballard Sara, K4Health

- Ariel Habed, Project Director, Community Action on Zika (CAZ), Save the Children

- Erin Law, Global Zika Advisor, IFRC

- Paula Wood, Director, Zika AIRS Project (ZAP), Abt Associates

Interactive Activity: Buzz Stations

Small-group discussions on effective Zika response approaches

Panel: Families First: Improving Services and Support for Affected Families

Panelists to be announced soon

Closing Remarks

Tara Sullivan, MPH, PhD, Director, K4Health


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Washington, DC

HIFA Profile: Sophie Weiner is a communications specialist with the Johns Hopkins' K4Health Project in the USA.

Email: sophie.weiner AT jhu.edu