Limiting clinical activities of students from HIC in LMIC settings (2)

30 September, 2019

Thanks Jessica,

For bringing this to attention. As one who hosts an institutional BMJ Case reports Elective program and as a former editor of the BMJ Case reports I have come across submissions that drew out attention to this issue.

I can vaguely recall one case report submitted by a European Medical student who was working in a remote location in the Himalayas where something about the care given appeared off (vague recall anecdote) and it was possible that the student attempted something he wasn't licenced for but I am not sure about more information on that and how to retrieve further of that past information and I again vaguely recall having rejected the piece.

One of the solutions to not let that happen again is to have their electives in a guided case based blended learning ecosystem CBBLE and you can read more about it here in a write up prepared by our elective students who also happen to be HIFA country representatives here.

More about it from them and others.



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