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LMIC Databases (2)

11 July, 2019

[Note from moderator (NPW). The message below is in response to Cynthis Ogola, Kenya/UK: Are there any specific or specialized databases for low medium income countries?]


Short answer is yes, but you would definitely do well to search "standard" databases such as PubMed, Embase, maybe Web of Science and/or Scopus, GreenFile, Agricultural & Environmental Science Database, etc.

Some of the regional databases perhaps worth searching are listed on my Public Health Database Library Guide,

https://guides.lib.berkeley.edu/publichealth/databases/articles (scroll down a bit and it is on the right side).

For PubMed, etc., I have created a LMIC search hedge that perhaps you might find useful; it is based on previous work by others, and you can find it on the same guide just above the regional database box; simply copy/paste into

the search box to limit your search to LMIC countries/regions.



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