Measles is Coming Back Around The World, And The Reasons Should Make Us Ashamed

6 December, 2018

Below are extracts from a news item on Science Alert. Full text here:


Since the turn of the century, the measles vaccine has saved over 21 million lives, decreasing the global death toll by 80 percent in just 17 years. But after years of progress, things have begun to take a turn for the worst, thanks in large part to a lack of funding and a rise in misinformation...

Watching measles make a global comeback is kind of like watching a character in a horror film make dumb decisions in slow motion. As a global community, we have a safe and effective way to eliminate measles at our fingertips and yet we keep failing to use the weapon at hand...

In Europe, where misinformation about the measles vaccine is particularly evident, vaccination coverage in some areas is less than 70 percent.

"Complacency about the disease and the spread of falsehoods about the vaccine in Europe, a collapsing health system in Venezuela and pockets of fragility and low immunisation coverage in Africa are combining to bring about a global resurgence of measles after years of progress," explains Berkley...

The authors of the report are calling for urgent action... they argue we also need to ensure public support for immunisations, combatting misinformation and hesitancy around vaccines as much and as soon as possible.



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