New analysis from WHO's Global Observatory on Health R&D

7 June, 2019

For your consideration

New analysis from the WHO Global Observatory on Health R&D [] shows the distribution of grants for biomedical research by major funders, using the data of the World RePORT platform [!/].

Almost three-quarters of all grants in 2016 were for noncommunicable diseases (72%; 40,035), followed by communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions (20%; 11,123) and injuries (6%; 3,056).

96% (6,669) of direct grants that resulted in collaborations had been awarded to recipients in high-income countries. Of these, the majority (75.8%; 14,617) of collaborations were with others in high-income countries.

To see more findings or to answer other questions of your own, explore these two interactive data visualizations:

1. Number of grants for health research by the funder, type of grant, duration, health category and recipients (World RePORT)

2. Collaborations (between institutions) that resulted from grants for health research (World RePORT)

This information will be of interest to policymakers, funders and researchers. It will help funders of health research explore how best to increase efficiency, coordinate investments, contribute to capacity for health research and focus on areas where there are needs and gaps.

· Check also the WHO Global Health R&D Observatory for updates on the R&D profiles by disease or condition [], with new sections on WHO target product profiles [] and digital health research []; as well as updated data visualizations and analyses [], e.g., on clinical trials [ Also, don’t miss the databases and resources section [], which continues to add links to relevant online resources such as Country research information platforms [

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