New antimicrobial stewardship resources and discussions

30 November, 2018

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1. At the World Innovation Summit for Health in Qatar, the Leading Health Systems Network released a report on Global core standards for hospital antimicrobial stewardship programs, along with evidence-based tools to support stewardship across resource levels.

2. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) released “Antimicrobial stewardship guidelines and tools for hospitals in India” - available here:

3. In a blog post for Imperial College London, Vrinda Nampoothiri, PharmD, describes her experiences as a clinical pharmacist in Kerala, India, and her current research as part of the "Antibiotic use across Surgical Pathways—Investigating, Redesigning and Evaluating Systtems" (ASPIRES) project. Available here:

4. In Frontiers in Public Health, Lucille Malan, MScMed, BPharm, et al discuss challenges and potential solutions related to sustainable access to and procurement of antimicrobials in the United States and South Africa.


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