NEW! Discussion Paper on Equity for the HIP Initiative - Equity

16 July, 2019

Equity, one of eight guiding principles of the Family Planning High Impact Practices (HIPs), is an important aspect of family planning programming. For over 50 years programs have sought to improve equity in access to contraceptives and family planning services by providing free or subsidized services and through innovative programming to reach disadvantaged groups.

Just published and available on the HIPs website: Discussion Paper on Equity for the HIP Initiative, is centered around four questions: 1) how is equity defined for health and family planning, 2) what are the frameworks for conceptualizing equity, 3) what are the measures relevant for family planning programs, and 4) what evidence is needed to assess the impact of HIPs on equity. The paper also notes useful resources on equity programming and measurement, and provides references.

Download the discussion paper here. Visit to learn more about High Impact Practices in Family Planning.

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