New York Times: In a Poor Kenyan Community, Cheap Antibiotics Fuel Deadly Drug-Resistant Infections (5)

11 April, 2019

Dear all, it is pretty sad!

Poor sanitation and rampant disease. That is the bitter truth and it appears we (Public Health scientists/workers in Africa) are getting used to and taking it to normalcy. Are we so helpless? I can't believe it but rather, I will say we should not give up the fight to influence decision makers to the right decision. With this area of universal health coverage (UHC), quality of care (QoC) is at the forefront but also seems not to be at the level it deserves. Health workers should discuss these issues and a solution will emerge.

Kenya is just an example. We observe the same situation in many African cities.

HIFA Profile: Armand Seraphin Nkwescheu is a Public Health Consultant at the Cameroon Society of Epidemiology.

Professional interests: Road traffic injury, Neglected Tropical Diseases with emphasis on snakebites and envenoming, Non communicable Diseases, Health systems and Development Evaluation

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