News from the Evidence to End FGM/C Project

30 November, 2018

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'Developed by Population Reference Bureau (PRB), the web feature, “FGM/C and Its Health Consequences: Implications for Policy, Advocacy, and Investment,” offers a clear understanding of the health effects of FGM/C to provide direction for future investment by donors, highlight important knowledge gaps for further research, help medical professionals identify and manage complications, and strengthen advocates’ messages...'

'“Understanding the Impact of Medicalisation on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting,” a web feature developed by PRB, outlines the best available information on medicalisation. The web feature synthesises quantitative data on trends over time, the relationship between medicalisation and overall FGM/C prevalence, and qualitative data on provider and community perspectives. It provides policymakers, advocates, and programme managers with a better understanding of medicalisation, how it varies by context, and key recommendations on how to address the practice...'

[Forwarded by Catherine Unthank, Population Council]