No #HealthForAll without SRHR

7 March, 2019

Hi all,

As advocates for universal health coverage, we probably agree that everyone should be able to get quality health services in their community, without facing discrimination, stigma or financial hardship. Leaders around the world are echoing this belief more and more, determined to prove the strength of their commitment.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to test leaders’ commitment faster than the topic of girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Decisions to deny or delay access to SRHR directly contradict national goals of promoting good health, investing resources wisely, or delivering the services people say they really need. What they do accomplish is maintaining structures of power that reduce girls’ and women’s health, rights and agency.

This cannot continue. Join PMNCH and a range of allies by signing a global call to action [] to advance UHC through a Health for All movement that is inclusive and promotive of sexual and reproductive health and rights. To sign, add your organization here.

Thank you for helping make the Health For All movement as strong and inclusive as it can be. Let me know if you have any questions.



P.S. The deadline to apply for accreditation to attend the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC on 23 September, as well as the preparatory multi-stakeholder hearing on 29 April, was thankfully extended to Friday, 8 March – please apply now here! For more details and guidance, click here.

Emily T. Bigelow


Global Health Strategies | UHC Coalition

Twitter: @UHC_Day