Novel coronavirus (10) Serious issues concerning dissemination of information on coronavirus (2)

11 February, 2020

To respond to the Nevel Coronnavirus epidemic, an international emergency plan must be launched, piloted by the international health organization and must include the following action programs:

- Create an international website speaking with the majority of languages, containing all the information on the virus, preventive measures, news of its spread and means, international efforts to fight against;

- Coordinate the international control and experimental efforts of the developed laboratories essays and researches;

- Create crisis commissions in each country, chaired by doctors of respiratory medicine,

- Show brotherhood with victims via interweb communication on an international scale,

- Create networks for sharing information on the displacement of victims by monitoring their displacement by plane, by land transports and by sea;

- Launch awareness-raising companies to prevent contact with the sick, especially stop their circulation in supermarkets, cultural, religious or sports gatherings;

- Others efficients mesures;

HASSANI Mohsen: Information management Consultant from Tunisia

HIFA profile: Mohsen Hassani is President of AHALINA Association, Tunisia. Professional interests: International and community development. Provision of socioeconomic information in rural areas. Giving a voice to citizens. Conduct research concerning the socio-economic situation in Skhira region (eastern south of Tunisia). ahalina.kenitra AT