Novel coronavirus (15) Serious issues concerning dissemination of information on coronavirus (5)

12 February, 2020

I note Mohsen Hassani’s comments that to respond to the Nevel Coronnavirus epidemic, an international emergency plan must be launched, piloted by the international health organization.

He suggests that an international website should be created speaking with the majority of languages, containing all the information on the virus, preventive measures, news of its spread and means, international efforts to fight against.

Please note that Evidence Aid has put together a website ( of reliable sources of information which also links to various languages. We are updating it daily, so if you find that your website is not included, please do let me know.

We have not included single article posts simply because the website would become unwieldy. Instead we have suggested the authors of such articles could write a blog that we would publish in our blog series. We published the first one in the evening (GMT) of 11 February and it can be found here: If you are the author of such material, please do let us know if you would like to write a blog post.

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