Novel coronavirus (35) BBC: Ukraine protesters attack buses carrying China evacuees - What can HIFA do to address health misinformation? (2)

21 February, 2020

Extracts from a BBC news item below.

This prompts a comment from me: The cancer of misinformation continues to spread and metastasize... It is a pervasive and growing threat to global health, driven by increased connectivity and social media. It is not just coronavirus, it is a problem across all areas of health. WHO has responded well to the coronavirus issue by engaging Facebook, Amazon, Google and others last week [ However, a global, concerted response is urgently now needed, bringing together *all stakeholders* in global health. HIFA stands ready to assist WHO to implement such a response, working together for a world where every person has access to the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of other - a world where every person is protected from health misinformation.


Dozens of protesters in a Ukrainian town have attacked buses carrying [Ukrainian] evacuees from coronavirus-hit China...

Ukraine's security service (SBU) said a fake email claiming to be from the health ministry falsely said some evacuees had contracted the virus...

In a statement, President Zelensky urged Ukrainians to show compassion and refrain from protesting...

"But there is another danger that I would like to mention. The danger of forgetting that we are all human and we are all Ukrainians."


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