Novel coronavirus (38) Misinformation and isolation of Chinese in Kenya

21 February, 2020

Dear Neil,

I have also received a whatsapp messaage from diffrent sourvces in Kenya which is telling people not to eat broiler chicken coz it has Corona virus. There is also a case of a Chinese family who were almost facing isolation in Naakuru Kenya as rumours circulated that one of their family members had just arrived from China yet the family has been staying in Kenya for some years back. We have Chinese who are working in different countries in Africa and if health misinformation continues, they might face Xenophobia for no apparent reason.


Health Cluster Coordinator

Maputo Mozambique

Beatrice Muraguri

BSc HRIM, MPH(KIT,Netherlands)

Health Information/Public Health Specialist



HIFA profile: Beatrice Muraguri is a Health Information/Public Health Specialist with the Ministry of Health, Kenya. She previously worked as an Information Management Consultant with WHO on the Ebola Outbreak Response, Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is a HIFA Country Representative. bemura68 AT