Nursing Students’ Self‐Perceived Competence and Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice (3)

28 April, 2019

Dear Neil,

Thank you for highlighting this paper. I have requested the full-text from one of the authors. Even from the abstract clearly ongoing challenges are evident internationally and in Duncombe- DOI: 10.1111/jocn.14168

One of the original purposes for the creation of Hodges' model was in curriculum development and planning pre-Project 2000 in the UK.

There continue to be questions about 'nursing' having lost its way- the balance of value and values and need for a 'philosophy'?

The "scope of nursing" remains a key issue, especially if we contrast the paper's four countries with the situation in the UK, USA and internationally in developing nations- and healthcare provision for refugee/migratory populations?

Even in becoming an 'advanced practitioner' there are barriers- and ironies- to subsequent practice being advanced for individuals and population groups.

A draft paper on 'scope of nursing' and Hodges' model still gathers dust, but may be revisited.

As I have mentioned previously- the model is well suited to reflection, critical thinking, argumentation on these issues by virtue of incorporating the Individual and Group (population), plus an explicit policitial care- knowledge domain.

I have tweeted in the past- the suggestion that all wards, teams, units should 'work up' two or three rolling research questions, relevant to that community of practice. Patients, carers, student nurses could be involved in these questions which become a rolling exercise.

Policy and management- 'service and academic sides' must achieve synergy (of course) perhaps having a researcher in-house as part of CPD (attending Best Practice meetings for example).

From a mental health perspective there is the matter of efforts to introduce and expand therapeutic modalities into teams. Once the practitioner returns to practice however they are expected to continue in their former role rather than be the change agent they might. Consequently they may leave, or passively return to being the 'nurse' they are expected to be.

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HIFA profile: Peter Jones is a Community Mental Health Nurse with the NHS in NW England and researcher. Peter champions a conceptual framework- Hodges' model- that can be used to facilitate personal and group reflection and holistic/integrated care. A bibliography is provided at the blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' (

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