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7 August, 2019

Dear Irina,

Thank you for this very interesting report on European Universities: 2017-2018 EUA Open Access Survey Results. The analysis in this report is based on the responses of 321 institutions from 36 European countries. The European University Association (EUA). April 2019

The data show that 60% of universities recommend that researchers publish in OA, which means that 40% of universities do not make such a recommendation. 'Many institutions also indicated not providing any type of incentive for their researchers to publish Open Access or to deposit their publications in the repository.' This suggests that universities in Europe are slow to recognise the value of open access to research communication.

It would be interesting to know:

1. Why 40% of universities in Europe do not recommend that researchers make their papers open-access. Is there a continuing hesitancy to accept/embrace open access?

2. What is the picture in other geographical regions? I suspect Latin America and Caribbean are more progressive, while perhaps other regions are less so?

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Access to Health Research

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