Open access (40) Myth 2: Open access journals discriminate against authors who cannot afford article processing charges (7)

8 August, 2019

Dear Joseph and all,

Joseph, in a previous message [ ] you said:

'APC [article processing charge] impoverishes authors in Nigeria and I am sure In other LMICs too. This is not a myth, but verifiable fact.'

If the author cannot afford the APC of a particular journal, then the options open to him/her are several:

1. Submit to an open-access journal that does not charge an APC (we have learned that most OA journals do not charge APCs)

2. Submit to a restricted-access journal that allows immediate self-archiving in an open-access repository (I think many of not most restricted-journals allow immediate archiving of pre- or post-print versions, and some do not have an embargo period

3. At hthe very last resort, submit to a restricted-access journal without self-archiving (in this latter case, authors need to know that they are depriving others of learning from their work, and they are depriving themselves of high levels of citation)

I feel there is a need for a strong advocacy effort to inform authors about their options, and the consequences of their decisions.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Access to Health Research

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