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11 August, 2019

We were surprised to learn on HIFA back in June 2016 that the Medical Council of India did/does not consider publication in an online-only journal to be suitable for academic credit

I did a quick Google search to see what the current situation is. The above URL is no longer available. I looked for an update in vain, but I found an editorial in the BMJ - The end of the Medical Council of India - in which it appears the Government of India has decided to dissolve the Medical Council of India, noting the latter's repeated failure to implement reforms.

'India’s government delivered the final blow to the long suffering Medical Council of India (MCI) on 26 September 2018 with the promulgation of a presidential ordinance recommending its dissolution in order to move ahead with its replacement by a National Medical Commission (NMC).'

It would seem that intransigent conservatism of academic institutions is one of the key barriers to the evolution of open access publishing. Are HIFA members aware of discrimination against open-access journals in other countries/academic insitutions?

Ad what is the current situation for researchers in India? Are their publications in open-access journals recognised as they seek to advance their careers?

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Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Access to Health Research

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