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13 August, 2019

Dear Neil and others, I wish to add that there two major components of research, one is scientific research for public use where scientists freely communicate their findings from one researcher to another. In this Kind of research academics apply their scientific knowledge to solve a puzzle or try to contribute to the new body of knowledge. According to the old school such findings were documented and communicated through an institutional journal or newsletter and self archived in the Library so that students and others could openly access such a document freely.

The other component of research was and probably is still happening is called commercial or commissioned research where by research methodologies are guided or determined. This kind of research is purposeful and access is restricted. (I wish to learn more about the current situation on this concerning the discussion at hand). However from the library point of view demand for open access to new trends in scientific knowledge is increasing but subscription are very expensive and they are qouted in USA dollars. Governments in Africa would rather spend more money on political related matters. That is why the old school depended photocopying an article and archived it in the Library so that it could be accessed by anyone.

HIFA profile: Kenneth L Chanda is Associate Consultant and Lecturer at National Institute of Public Administration where he is lecturing in Records Management. He is co-author of The development of telehealth as a strategy to improve health care services in Zambia. Kenneth L. Chanda & Jean G. Shaw. Health Information & Libraries Journal. Volume 27, Issue 2, pages 133139, June 2010. He recently retired as Assistant Medical Librarian at the University of Zambia. klchanda AT