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3 September, 2019

Charles and Chris, I couldn't agree more.

My perception is that fewer people are reading printed journals than before, switching to online subscriptions and consumption. Are you also seeing this trend with KTA, Charles? The need to connect those without internet to latest research and information is one challenge, but if we are to first focus on democratizing the information that is already online, I am not sure why there can't be a kind of research wikipedia, a central repository of papers, datasets, etc.

I understand it would take quite a lot of bandwidth and may have some technical hurdles, but I'd prefer to see conversations moving in a more comprehensive direction of reform rather than incremental, piecemeal suggestions.

Regarding the economics, what if we socialized it a bit? We can think of a system in which all institutions pay a nominal fee to cover the cost of this database maintenance. Researchers are able to publish for free if they have commented on another's work, or participate in peer reviews. Are there any microcosm systems like this we can draw upon to envision a global revolution in the way we share and absorb research?



HIFA profile: Amelia Plant is the Portfolio & Impact Manager at Preston-Werner Ventures, a San Francisco-based foundation looking to create scalable impact at the intersection of climate change and social justice. Amelia specializes in sexual reproductive health and rights, focusing on family planning information & access. She is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Family Planning and the HIFA wg on Community Health Workers.