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Open access (80)

4 September, 2019

Dear Amelia,

This is so a challenge and there are portals such as pubmed, but you can't always get the full article.

The problem is that the journals need to make money to survive and as we have seen with some publishing houses, they are starting to go out of business!

We are setting up a portal, but purely for breastfeeding and lactation, and we will include a section for publications. But there is always something to pay to the journal if you want to put the paper as free access, or there is a time limit, eg. 6 months after publication.

Someday there will be a solution!

Janet Prince RM IBCLC

Head Relationship Management

Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation


HIFA profile: Janet Prince is Head of Relationship Management at the Family Larsoon-Rosenquist Foundation in Switzerland and is a Midwife and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with interests in nutrition for first 1000 days and in maternal and newborn health. Email address: janet.prince AT larsson-rosenquist.org