Pediatrics: Antibiotic Prescribing During Pediatric Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine Visits (2)

9 August, 2019

Yes, This is so intense in Brazil - Santa Catarina - Itajaí (our city), We are thinking about that and we just see the same in the attendance for children and the parent's complaints. Unfortunately, we are not looking for a better relationship between doctors or nurses at emergency or even ambulatory care, we all see a needed position for what the families want if you just think to go to another way you'll be the worst professionals in the world. This is sad. It seems that it is a global moving, I believe a mathematician can calculate that the first consult just exists if the pediatric do what the family wants. Unfortunately just with a lot of education and understanding about so many diseases.

Great work.

CHIFA profile: Marcio Fossari is a medical doctor from Brazil, currently working for the public system 100%. His interests include child and maternal health, including ways to improve the management of childbirth by non-medical people. marcio.fossari AT