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Personal health books (2)

11 September, 2019

Dear Massimo,

Thank you for bringing up this important issue Massimo. This has been discussed before on HIFA and CHIFA. All - or nearly all - contibutions on the subject agree that a personal health book as you describe has many benefits, especially for maternal and child health, but a way forward has not yet been determined. What seems to be lacking are (sequentially):

1. a situation analysis (to what extent are personal health books used in different countries, if at all, and in what formats?)

2. a systematic review, and associated studies, on the impact of personal health books

3. a consensus, endorsed by WHO, UNICEF or other body, for further research or a recommendation that such booklets should be used more than they currently are

4. a roadmap to increase their use (assuming there is consensus on their positive impact).

I would like to invite you to re-send your message also to our child health forum CHIFA, which has more than 3000 child health professionals worldwide with an interest in LMICs. The email address is chifa@dgroups.org

I'm confident the HIFA and CHIFA communities together can clarify the way forward.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Information for Citizens, Parents and Children


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