Pragati games and family planning in Nepal (2) Using games to teach statistics

9 February, 2019

Dear Neil,

Thank you for compiling these emails which include some really interesting information and these spark new ideas. This week in particular I wanted to let you know that I have been inspired by the article on Pragati games and family planning in Nepal: "People came to play for fun, and left with a lot of knowledge" and online videos in the links. I can see how these type of games could be adapted by us to teach some key statistical concepts for medical and public health students. I will let you know how we develop these.

I recommend these clear and detailed descriptions of teaching games as a great demonstration of teaching methods that could be adapted for different topic areas, such as teaching statistics.

Thank you again.

BW Sue

Dr Sue Mallett

Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

Biostatistics, Evidence Synthesis and Test Evaluation

Institute of Applied Health Research

University of Birmingham

HIFA profile: Sue Mallett is a Lecturer at the University of Birmingham in England. s.mallett AT