Pragati games and family planning in Nepal: "People came to play for fun, and left with a lot of knowledge"

8 February, 2019

Dear HIFA colleagues,

(with thanks to HIPnet)

'Pragati is a package of nine interactive games developed and refined through robust proof of concept and pilot testing in Nepal. Through game-play and critical reflection questions, they sparked challenging conversations in communities around fertility and family planning, side-effects of family planning methods, and social norms that drive birth timing and family size.

The games utilize adult learning techniques that challenge negative social norms in non-threatening ways to facilitate change.'

Extracts below from the introductory video (8 mins):


"People came to play for fun, and left with a lot of knowledge"

"The games have made counselling much easier"

"The games inform people of the side effects and which family planning methods are available to use"

"Previously, only women came to the clinic. Now women and men come together"

"I feel pride in what I've learned. I didnt know about condoms, pills, IUCDs etc..."

"We had been blaming women for giving birth to girls because society told us to. We used to think men were responsible for birth of boys and women were responsible for birth of boys. Now we know that's not true"

"Ultimately we hope this information gives people the best opportunity to make decisions for themselves and their families"


'Using Apps to Diffuse Information

IRH has collaborated with Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development (GRID) to turn four of the Pragati games into mobile game apps in Nepal. These apps will integrate menstrual health management (MHM) and fertility awareness information onto free mobile phone game platforms.'


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On HIFA we have often noted the potential of games to promote understanding around health issues, and it is great to see the success and impact of this new initiative. I have invited Pragati and Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development to join us to share more about their experience and plans for the future.

Best wishes, Neil

Joint Coordinator, HIFA Project on Family Planning

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