Publications on rehabilitation medicine

4 December, 2019

Dear Neil

HIFA is invaluable as a resource for all of us

We in Global Rehabilitation have been asked to repeat the training in Rehabilitation Medicine we gave 2011-2013 in Madagascar which resulted in so much change - a national society, national policy, better management of children with disabilities and adults with many things such as spinal cord injuries.

We are a small rehabilitation teaching group and if we can use any material on the internet which is appropriate that would help us all - including those who learn.

Would any HIFA members know?

Anne Chamberlain

HIFA profile: Anne Chamberlain is professor of rehabilitation medicine at Leeds University, UK. She is also director of the Opt In management group, a charitable initiative which has co-ordinated overseas development visits in Bangladesh (spinal surgery techniques; therapy for children with cerebral palsy); Uganda (ultrasound training); Swaziland (community management of epilepsy); and Madagascar (ophthalmology). M.A.Chamberlain AT