Quality of care for people with asthma (2)

8 February, 2019

I also had some questions, that may not have got picked up in the last posting on this [http://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/systematic-review-how-primary-healthcare.... If so, here they are:

Some questions:

1. Do you have any response to the supply-side or demand-size findings from your country's perspective?

2. In your country, how important would a diagnosis of asthma be?

3. Are the right asthma medicines (inhaled corticosteroids as the mainstay of treatment, plus emergency use of short-acting beta agonist) available at an affordable cost?

4. How confident would you expect a patient or pharmacist to feel about suggesting the prescription is reviewed if they had information that it wasn't right?

5. How can we get the conversation going about the need for follow-up and review to enable supported self-management for chronic diseases where people are more used to episodic acute care?

6. How can trust in healthcare professionals suggesting follow up and review be improved?

7. Would you be interested in joining the Asthma Right Care movement? If so, message projectmanager@theipcrg.org


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