ReCHWs (18) Community health centres and Positive Practice Environments (2)

4 June, 2019

Hi Neil,

Thank you for sharing this report on community health centres. It is interesting to note how community health workers are included as part of the interdisciplinary teams in the seven contexts studied within the report. With regard to whether the Guideline should mention community health centres, though, I think we should note that the CHW Guideline is normative guidance on health workers, rather than on community health writ large. There are complementary elements within the Guideline that recommend that CHWs be integrated with health systems and as part of interdisciplinary teams, and certainly the Guideline could support design of the CHW-related parts of centres. In such a brief report, I didn’t find it too surprising that the Guideline was not called out specifically, though, as the study looks at a broader issue and a certain subset of contexts.

For countries, the report could be useful in envisioning potential permutations of community health, as health needs and health worker teams evolve.

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Catherine Kane

Community Health Worker Guideline Communications & Advocacy

Human Resources for Health Policies & Standards

Health Workforce Department

World Health Organization

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HIFA profile: Catherine Kane is a member of the WHO Health Workforce team, responsible for advocacy and dissemination of the Guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes. She has experience with community health worker programmes at strategic and operational levels through WHO, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and at one point as a social worker supporting migrant communities. Twitter: readycat