Reducing Medication-Related Harm (2)

12 October, 2019

Dear Neil, there is a way to reduce Medical-Related Harm: to adopt Clinical Therapeutic Guidelines. Strict and compulsory adherence to them will solve the problem and improve dramaticaly the quality of medicine.

So far patients in the world are depending on doctors and their 'fantasy' in prescribing instead of serious Cochrane approach to medicine.

One day the king felt sick. All doctors arrived and practiced several scarifications on the scalp, leeches, bleedings, emetics, laxatives and diuretics. Finally the king died and His deaths surprised much all doctors since he had responded well to therapy.

Centuries ago : diagnosis was impossible and therefore therapy was random.

Today we know more but still we prescribe drugs as charlatans do.



HIFA profile: Massimo Serventi is a long-standing Pediatrician working in Africa since 1982. He currently works on a volunteer basis in an excellent missionary/credited hospital in north Uganda, St. Mary's Hospital-Lacor-GULU. He has worked for several NGOs in 6 African/2 Asian countries. His interests include clinical and community pediatrics, adherence to clinical guidelines and school education as the major determinant of good health. massimoser20 AT