Remember maternal health: new teaching videos for mothers from Global Health Media Project

20 May, 2020

Dear all,

This spring we are rolling out a number of new teaching videos on topics around the time of birth. Though most of our videos are for frontline health workers, this set of 5 videos is specifically for mothers and families. As there is constrained access to maternal health care in many regions of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are releasing this set first to provide parents with key guidance during the critical time around birth. The videos were filmed in Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Ghana, and Rwanda.

What to Expect in Labor

What to Expect in Birth

What to Expect after Birth

Caring for Yourself and Your Baby after Birth

Danger Signs after Birth

The videos are available in English, French and Spanish and can be viewed and downloaded in several convenient sizes from our website. We are happy to collaborate If you would like to translate and narrate the videos in your local language. Please get in touch!

Kind regards,


Deborah Van Dyke, Director

Tel/WhatsApp: +1.802.595.9606

Skype: deborahvandyke

HIFA profile: Deborah Van Dyke is the Founder and Director of Global Health Media Project, an organization producing videos that bring to life critical health care information for providers and populations in low-resource settings. Capitalizing on advances in ICT will enable distribution worldwide at lower cost via the Internet and mobile devices. She is a family practice clinician with extensive experience with MSF/Doctors Without Borders, based in the US. deb AT