Request for information: Where There is No Psychiatrist (3)

27 February, 2019

Anna has rendered Didier & others who have interest in this subject a great service.

Members who have some difficulty accessing international journals & books might wish to take a closer look at the Cambridge site.

If you click on Anna's link, when you are on the psychiatry book page, look up towards the top and you will see a 'Books' link. If you click on it, you will find many other books, which might be of use.

As well, next to the 'Books' link there is a link to 'Journals'. When you click on that link, you will have access to all their journals, with information on how much open access each one has.


Jean-Francois (Mickey) Rostoker


Associate Clinical Professor/Family Practice/University of British Columbia/Vancouver

Assistant Professor/Family Medicine/University of Saskatchewan/Regina

HIFA profile: Mickey Rostoker is Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine (MD, FCFP) at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Professional interests: Empowering health workers in primary care, Upgrading skills of TBAs in developing countries, Postabortal care training in developing countries, mentoring midwifery students. He is a HIFA Country Representative:

mrostoker AT