The Research Ethics Application System

13 April, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I write on behalf of Viable Knowledge Masters (VKM) [] to introduce the Research Ethics Application System (REAPS) that we have just launched.

VKM developed REAPS as a cross institutional platform for the management of research ethics applications in Nigeria and other West African countries. The system is designed to address the requirements of the National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC) in Nigeria. Any institution in Nigeria that uses REAPS can be guaranteed to meet the NHREC requirements for reporting. We are continually adding new features to the application based on user feedback. REAPS provides end to end processing of research ethics applications: from submission, review to granting of ethics approvals by research ethics committees.

One important issue that REAPS addresses is the need for the outright procurement of a license for a research ethics application software. While we have the annual package for the software (negotiated annual payment), we have designed a means of moving the payment for the system to the applicant on a pay as you use plan. This way, resource constrained institutions do not need to source huge funds to buy annual license and this embeds sustainability in the system. If no one uses the application, there will be no charge to the institution as well. Institutions also do not need to engage highly skilled IT officers to manage the platform as VKM will provide the ongoing support for the system.

The website for REAPS is and you can register and test the submission process here There are some dummy institutions on the system to which you can send your application at the end. To test as an institution’s admin, please reach out to and we will upgrade your profile so that you can see how the system provides the end to end service. We would also be available to demonstrate to you over Skype if you are available and willing to learn more about the system. We would be happy to receive feedback on the system after testing.

VKM has decided to grant any institution that signs unto the application between now and May 31st a 3-month waiver to use the application at no cost to the institution or the applicant. That way, you can get to understand how the system works and know if you’d like to continue using the application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Olusesan A. Makinde

Epidemiology/ Health Informatics Specialist

HIFA profile: Olusesan Makinde is an Epidemiology/ Health Informatics specialist with several years of experience in Clinical and Public Health Practice in Nigeria and the US. He is a Physician with graduate training in Epidemiology and Health Informatics from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and the Johns Hopkins University, USA. sesmak AT