Reuters: The cost to stop women dying in childbirth by 2030? 46 military aircraft (2)

16 November, 2019

Thank you for raising the truth behind the facts of maternal mortality. The

comment "low hanging fruit that funders cannot see" is very clear analogy

of some of our core issues holding up progress.

"Wise Choices for Life" sees the connection between poverty, maternal deaths and lack of Health literacy and works to address the barriers that prevent people accessing relevant information to make their own decisions. Funding is desperately needed to build SRH training into the key community leaders of faith based organisations and churches to lead the men into new ways of thinking.

Currently the male leaders in many developing sub saharan countries believe that having many children increases not only your worldly prestige but is beneficial to gain God's favour. Then there is the competition between faiths to produce many children to out populate the other. We need to shift away from health facility education which usually reaches women only and build a prevention strategies into the training of male faith leaders in the institutions where they are trained.

The only people who can address this cultural and spiritual belief are the faith leaders themselves.

We have a Ugandan Ministry of Health approved curriculum to train male leaders of non medical backgrounds in SRH to combat the tragedy of maternal deaths and poverty. Over generations this will alter the uptake of smaller families reduce maternal mortality and build healthier communities, less reliant on the children's homes and child sponsorship programs. and so meet the SDG 3.7

Like all small organisations lack of funding is reducing our capacity to expand beyond Uganda.

I look for possible investors who are truly respectful of both culture and

faith to expand this work.

Marg Docking

Executive Director

Wise Choices for Life

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HIFA Profile: Marg Docking is founder and director of Wise Choices for Life, which empowers vulnerable men and women in the child bearing age group in Uganda with reproductive health knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle.

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