Richard Horton of The Lancet receives $100,000 Roux Prize for lifetime achievement in population health

11 June, 2019

Dear HIFA colleagues,

HIFA congratulates Richard Horton, who yesterday 10 June received the $100,000 Roux Prize for his accomplishments as one of the world's most "committed, articulate, and influential advocates for population health."

I recommend this short video which includes tributes from global health leaders around the world:

Below are the opening and concluding words:


In the heart of London is a leader who believes the truth must be told in a powerful way about the health and well-being of the world's seven billion people. Richard Horton the editor-in-chief of the international medical journal The Lancet. "At the Lancet what we've tried to do is to use the science we publish in two ways, first as a means for advocacy to try and draw attention to some of the most pressing health issues in the world and put them into the agendas of Presidents and Prime Ministers but also we want to hold those with political power accountable for their promises and commitments. We

have leaders around the world who say one thing and do another science is an incredibly powerful tool to hold those political leaders to their promises and commitments..."

Dr Horton personifies The Lancet manifesto: Improving lives is the only end goal and that research is only relevant when it has an impact on human lives. "The idea behind what we do is really going back to the age of the Enlightenment, the idea that the purpose of creating knowledge isn't just to publish it or to put it on a website or be in a journal but actually that knowledge needs to do some work. Knowledge published in order to accelerate social progress."


Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers

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