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Swinfen Telemedicine (3)

16 November, 2019

Dear Alison,

I am writing to thank you, as you are only the second or possibly third person in over 20 years who has responded to a message sent by us to HIFA. As a UK charity we have been registered since 1998, and are now working with doctors and other medical staff in 79 countries in the developing world. We normally deal in English but have been able to translate messages into Russian, French, Spanish when necessary. Even medical staff working in orphanages in China send their messages in English.

Unfortunately we have discovered in Africa that doctors in some African countries choose not to work with us as they say they cannot make money out of us! We are a UK registered charity, and all our expert medical consultants are volunteers. Most are at the top of their professional field. Our organisation won the Humanitarian prize awarded by the American Telemedicine Association in 2018.

Our first telemedicine consult came from the Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed near Dhaka, Bangladesh in June 1999, they still send cases for expert medical advice. The cases we receive are of infinite variety. Patients are between New born, adult and the oldest, an Iranian lady of 110 carried into Iraq by her grandsons when they heard we could advise on a prolapse of forty years duration. Yes, our expert gynaecologist was able to instruct the two Iraqi gynaecologists in a successful resolution of the problem.

If you know of any hospital, clinic, or lone doctor or nurse who works with the poor in the developing world, we will happily give them a Telemedicine link FREE OF CHARGE.

Lord and Lady Swinfen

The Swinfen Charitable Trust

01227 721001