Thank you to HIFA: Comunication skills in Intimate Partner Violence for Medcial Students in Mozambique

26 March, 2019

Dear all,

I would like to thank you for your support on sharing materials for Intimate Partner Violence.

Your contribution has helped me to work on my PhD.

Because of your support, I would like the summary of my three studies' results and share that as a result of my PhD research "Addressing Intimate Partner Violence: implications in medical curricula in Mozambique", last week I have started training medical students in Medical-patient Communication Skills in Intimate Partner Violence. This is the first time we train medical students in this field in Mozambique. We are using real-life case scenarios for clinical case simulation. The training is the result of three studies that I have conducted during my PhD: Intimate Partner Violence Training in Medical Curricula: A scoping review; Gaps in Medical Students' Competencies to Deal with Intimate Partner Violence in key Mozambican Medical Schools and Intimate Partner Violence Medical Curricula in Mozambique.

When I am done with my studies I will share the published papers with you all.

Best regards


*Beatriz Manuel Chongo*


HIFA profile: Beatriz Manuel is a Medical Doctor at the Faculty of Medicine, Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), Mozambique. Professional interests: Medical Education, Gender, Community Health, Research, Information Technology for Health and Education. chonguile AT