Is there gender bias in global health consulting? (6)

10 October, 2019

Dear Stuti

Thanks for responding to my points about the challenges of women in global health and for your point about mentoring. To me, the issue is not mentoring because women across the world face the same challenges. To me, it's about collectively challenging our presenteism culture. Do all advisers really need to spend long periods of time in country as proposed in the original paper that triggered this debate "Consultants must have lived and worked in LMICs". Are there other ways such as virtual reality, of long-term online conversation? Of course, with regard to healthcare roles some roles are hands-on, but we need to get much clearer on what needs face-to-face and what can be done remotely and how, for example, secure internet solutions can be found where patient data or confidential matters might be involved.

Thanks again